Front Page

Spreadsheet Analysis has made a front page for a quick look how a company is doing. This is a small overview of the entire Spreadsheet Analysis tool.

Spreadsheet Analysis, front page of the stock investment software.

Financial sheet

In the Financial sheet you can find the companies Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash-Flow Statement back to 20 years ago. Also the last 5 quarter reports are available to you for making an investment decision.
Spreadsheet Analysis Financial sheet with: annual reports, quarter reports and financial ratios.

Earnings Graphic

The Earnings Graphic gives you a good view of the companies earnings and dividends record. You can also see the price range of a stock in any particular year.
Spreadsheet Analysis Earnings and dividend graphic. This earnings and dividend graphic is an automatic calculated Stock graphic.

Net Current Assets Value & Net Net Working Capital

Two Calculations often called as “NCAV” and “NNWC” described in the book “Security Analysis” written by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.
NCAV (Net Current Assets Valu

Intrinsic Value

Intrinsic Value template is based on the formula described by Benjamin Graham in his book “The Intelligent Investor”.
Intrinsic Value from:

Piotroski F-Score

The Piotroski F-Score is a calculation developed by professor Joseph Piotroski.
Another famous value calculation: Piotroski's F-Score. Joseph Piotroski formula is build to discover companies which are in financial difficulties.

Altman Z-Score

Altman Z-Score is a formula for predicting bankruptcy of a company. This formula was published in 1968 by Edward Altman.
Edward l. Altman Z-Score. This automatically calculated Z Score predict the probability that a company will go into bankruptcy within two years.

Or check out our free online altman z-score calculator.\

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