What is Spreadsheet Analysis?

Spreadsheet Analysis is a tool made in Excel that helps you analyse a company. With Spreadsheet Analysis software you type in a ticker of the company you want to analyse and you will retrieve information about this company in the Spreadsheet-Analysis Tool. This information can you use to help you find the right companies to invest in. The products page gives you a inside look in the Spreadsheet Analysis software.

How does Spreadsheet Analysis work?

The Spreadsheet Analysis tool is an application in Microsoft Excel and will help you to analyse a company. You have to enter a company ticker, the application will run and retrieve data about the stock from websites like Advfn and Yahoo! Finance. With data from those sources Spreadsheet Analysis has setup ratios and graphics to give more insight in the financials of the company.

System requirements

Spreadsheet Analysis software needs Windows Operating System and Microsoft Excel to run the Excel application. Without those requirements Spreadsheet Analysis software will not work. The web browser Internet Explorer must be installed on your computer.

•Required Operating system: Windows Vista or later.
•Required Microsoft Office package: Excel 2007 or later.
•Required to be installed on your computer: Internet Explorer 7.0 or later.
•Spreadsheet Analysis stock valuation also need an internet connection to retrieve the online data.
•Install from download.

What kind of stock Analysis can you make with our software?

The Spreadsheet Analysis tool provides a couple of different value investing formulas. The following analyse models are now available in the Spreadsheet Analysis Tool:

Intrinsic Value by Benjamin Graham, often referred as the “father of investing”, The formule described in Security Analysis edition of 1962 written by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. The Intrinsic Value formula is a legend formula in the investment world, and gives you good insight in the value of a company. The Intrinsic value calculations are automatically calculated with the Spreadsheet Analysis Tool but you can adjust them easily to your own view.

Net Current Assets Value by Benjamin Graham. Benjamin Graham described this formula in his book, “The Intelligent Investor” published in 1949. This formula is used by many value investors, those investerors calculate the value of a company and then pay alot less. It is one the many lessons given by Benjamin Graham in his book “The Intelligent Investor”. Spreadsheet Analysis calculate these NCAV calculation automatically in our Excel Template.

Net Net Working Capital by Benjamin Graham. Another value investing formula from Benjamin Graham as described in the book “Security Analysis”. Spreadsheet Analysis Calculate this Net Net Working Capital calculation automatically in our software.

The Piotroski F-Score by Joseph Piotroski. Piotroski’s approach essentially looks for companies that are profit-making, have improving margins, don’t employ accounting tricks and have strengthening balance sheets. The Piotroski F-Score is a good way to indicate the financial strength of a company. The Piotroski F-Score is automatically calculated with the Spreadsheet Analysis Tool.

Altman Z-Score by Edward Altman. The formula may be used to measure the financial health of a company. The Altman Z-Score will be calculated automatically with the Spreadsheet Analysis Tool.